Newbury Fire Department Stations

Newbury Fire Station

The Department operates out of two stations. The main station is at the Newbury Fire Station, located at 919 Route 103, adjacent to the park and the newbury Library.

The new fire station was approved by the voaters at the Newbury Town Meeting in March of 2020 and construction started in the summer of that year. The building was completed in the summer of 2021 and the department started the move from the former station in August. The station was dedicated in September 2021 and the Newbury Fire Department started operating from the new building that month.

Area of the building is 8456 square feet with nearly half the area consisting of five bays capable of housing the existing first-line fire vehicles. The bays are sized in accordance with the dimensions of larger trucks now being built by manufacturers to accommodate new vehicles when existing vehicles are replaced in the future. Adequate office space for department business and meeting space with parking the public who come to the fire department to obtain permits and do other business.

Newbury Engines 2, Engine 4, Rescue 1 and Tanker 1 are housed in this station. The Polaris Ranger ATV, Boat 2 and the forestry trailer are also housed in this station.

Former Fire Station

The former fire station, the Newbury Safety Services Building, is being renovated to be fully occupied by the Newbury Police Department. That station is located at the junction of Route 103 and Route 103 A in Newbury Center.

The original Newbury fire station was severely damaged by fire the night of April 3-4, 1984. The station was rebuilt during 1984-1985 and was dedicated April 28, 1985. An addition to the original station not damaged in the fire was incorporated into the new building. The sign from the old building is above.


The Newbury Fire Department sub-station is located in the Blodgets Landing section of Newbury off of Route 103A. Newbury Engine 3, is housed in this station. This station was donated to the town in 1963 and was renovated to be able to hold the larger fire truck in 1990.

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