Newbury Fire & Rescue Department

Henry E. Thomas Jr., Fire Chief

Office E-mail

PO Box 373

919 Route 103

Newbury, NH 03255

Emergency Dial 911

Business Message Phone (603) 763-4403

Dispatch Phone (603) 763-2221

Fax (603) 763-5379

Office Hours Tuesdays 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Newbury Permits

Fireworks Information 

Permits are required for all Fireworks in Newbury
(View Newbury Fireworks Ordinance)

Are you planning a fireworks Display for 4th of July? If you have previously obtained a Newbury Fireworks Permit you can request a renewal now. If you have not had a permit in the past, schedule a display site inspection now so that a fireworks permit can be issued in advance of the holiday, Inspections may take 48 hours to schedule.  

Fireworks Permits Issued

July 2, 2022: 155 Bay Point Rd.
July 2, 3, 4, 2022: 87 Southgate Rd
July 2, 3, 4, 2022: 126 Gillingham Dr.

Expired Permits
June 22, 2022: 66 Route 103B
June 25, 2022: 267 Old Post Rd
June 27, 2022: 70 Southgate Rd


Outside Burning Permits 

The Town of Newbury is now part of the New Hampshire Online Fire Permitting System. You can now print your new or renewal fire permit at home, service fee applies.

Request Category I & II Fire Permits 

. Renewal Seasonal burn permits issued in 2022 prior to the transition are valid through the end of this year.
Category III permits require an inspection by a Forest Fire Warden. Request a new permit inspection appointment by phoning Dave Smith, Forest Fire Warden at 938-5925, or emailing

Click Here for a summary of Outside Burning Regulations

Fire Code Permits and Inspections are Required for the Installation and Operation of Wood, Oil and Gas Equipment

Complete an on-line Application 
 Wood Burning Equipment Permit Application

Gas appliance/furnace/equipment Permit Application

Oil Burner Installation/Operation Permit Application
Tent Requirements 
Tents erected on commercial or non-owner occupied residential properties require a permit from the local fire department. See State Fire Marshal's bulletin for details.


Fire Alarm Permit Application & Update
 Apply for a fire alarm permit or update your information on line. Complete the
 On line Alarm Permit Application

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    Newbury Fire Rescue Response Information

    2022 Newbury Fire Rescue Response Summary to date

    2021 Newbury Fire Rescue Response Summary

    2020 Newbury Fire Rescue Response Summary

    2019 Full Year Newbury Fire Rescue Response Summary

    2018 Newbury Fire Rescue Response Summary

    Newbury Fire Rescue Information

    The Newbury Fire Department is looking for firefighters and EMTs. If you are interested in becomming part of the Newbury Fire Department, please stop by at the fire station any Tuesday evening and fill out an Application or click here to download an application

    Free Emergency Medical Information Form

    Help us help you in a medical emergency!: When you call 911 and emergency medical services respond to a medical emergency at your home they will ask you for a listing of the medications that the patient is taking.

    Many people have a Vial of Life refrigherator magnet with this information. For residents that do not allready have this list or a printed list of medications, Newbury Fire Rescue is offering a form for your use.

    Please download the form print and fill in each member of your household's medical information. Keep this form on the refrigerator or in a handy location so that a copy is readily available for EMS. Dont forget to update the list when your physian prescribes a new medication.

    Street Address Signs Now Available from Newbury Fire Rescue

    Newbury Fire Department Benevolent Association has Joined the Sunapee Fire Department Association to offer Newbury residents these attractive reflective address markers.

    Please download the form print and complete the requested information. Mail with your check to Newbury Fire Department.

    The completed sign will be delivered to your home by Newbury Firefighters who will assist you with the placement of the sign.

    The Town of Newbury Street Numbering Ordinance requires that every home and business in Newbury has a street address posted that is visible from the road. The reason for the ordinance was to assure that emergency responders would be able to locate a property in the event of a medical emergency, fire, or other emergency. If you do not currently have street numbers posted, this program will provide an attractive street number sign for your property and help emergency responders find you more quickly in an emergency.

    Fire Code Compliance

    Fire Code Permit Applications

    In accordance with the New Hampshire State Fire Code, inspections and permits are required from the fire department for the instalation and operation of oil burners, gas heating and other gas operated equipment and wood burning stoves.

    Request a permit and inspection by completing and submitting the following applications:

  • Oil Burner Permit Application
  • Gas Operated Equipment Permit Application
  • Wood Burning Equipment Application

    Mutual Aid Response


    Newbury Fire Rescue provided mutual aid support to two neighboring communities for building fires. On Saturday, Newbury Engine 2 responded to the Town of Sunapee in the Georges Mills section of the town. On Sunday, Newbury Responded to the town of Newport for a barn fire near the Newport Airport.

    Newbury Engine 2, a FMC/Spartan engine with 1 1,000 gallon per minute pump and a 1,000 gallon water tank, responds to neighboring communities. No one town, including the larger cities can have enough apparatus to fight a large building fire and rely on mutual aid from their neighbors to supplement their fire suppression apparatus and manpower.

    In 2021 Newbury Fire Rescue provided mutual aid for fire calls to surrounding towns six times and received mutual aid from neighboring towns three times. In the two months of 2022 Newbury has responded to four mutual aid fire calls to other towns

    Newbury Tanker 1, a 2008 Kenworth/Valley Tanker with at 500 gallon pump and a 2,000 gallon water tank responds mutual when tankers are requested.Photo is of the tanker working at the South Main Street, Newport fire on January 30

    Fire Safety

    Do you own a property that is a vacation rental or Air B&B?

    If so, is there a wood burning fire pit or outside fireplace that is available to be used by your tenant? Do you have a seasonal Permit to Kindle Fire from the Forest Fire Warden? The renter will also need a permit

    Please provide your tenants with information on fire safety and the NH Outside Fire Rules.

  • Tenants must have written permission from the property owner to Kindle a fire.
  • The permit shall be in the name of the person responsible for the fire. The tenant must have their own permit even if the property owner has been issued a seasonal permit.
  • Category I (fire pit or fireplace less than 2ft in diameter) must be 25’ from a structure.
  • Category II ( 2’- 4’ in diameter) must be 50’ from a structure and can only be kindled after 5:00 pm.
  • The fire must be continuously attended by a person over 18.
  • A garden hose or water bucket should be available.
  • The fire must be completely extinguished before the person in charge leaves the area.
  • Outside fires are not permitted on High Fire Danger Days.
  • Wood to be burned must be clean, untreated and less than 5” in diameter.
  • Download the NH Forests & Lands Outside Burning Brochure

    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Are Required in Rental Properties

    New Hampshire State Fire Code requires electronically powered detectors in multi-unit residential occupancies (apartments, rooming & boarding houses, bed & breakfast inns, dormitories, hotels etc.) since 1999. (NFPA 72)

    Interconnected AC powered smoke alarms are required in one and two family dwellings, but there is an exception to allow continued use of battery operated detectors in owner occupied homes.

    The fire code ( RSA 153:10-a) also requires carbon monoxide detectors in all rental units, defined as “any residential unit in a building or single family dwelling which provides permanent or transient living facilities for one or more persons, which is occupied by tenants on a rental basis. This term shall include but not be limited to: hotels, motels, dormitories, apartments, duplex units, rooms rented out of the home of another, and single family dwellings, so long as they are rented"

    The owner of the rental unit shall be responsible for maintaining the automatic fire warning device and carbon monoxide detection device in a suitable condition.

    State of New Hampshire Outside Burning Regulations

    Outside Burning

    The State of new Hampshire requires a Permit to Kindle Fire the Forest Fire Warden or Deputy Warden for all outside burning. See Warden contact information below Information on the permit requirements and the permits may be obtained from the Newbury Forest Fire Warden or Deputy Wardens.

    The Town of Newbury is now part of the New Hampshire Online Fire Permitting System. You can now print your new or renewal fire permit at home (service fee applies).

    Request Category I & II Fire Permit

    If you have received a Seasonal Category I or II Permit to Kindle Fire in issued in 2022, you do not need a new permit.

    A Category III Permit is only available from the Forest Fire Warden Dave Smith at 603-938-5925, they are not available on-line

    Fire Permit Contact Information

  • Henry Thomas Fire Chief, Newbury Fire Department 344-9381 e-mail:
  • Dave Smith, Forest Fire Warden 938-5925 e-mail:
  • Wayne Whitford, Issuing Agent, Fire Prevention; 748-1583

  • Outside Burning Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can more than one type of seasonal permit be issued to the same individual and/or location? Yes. If an individual has two fire locations at the same location, then both would need to be checked on the permit. The permittee would need to understand the different kindle times, setbacks etc…for a Category I vs. Category II fire.
  • Are there required setbacks from public roads and utility lines? No, however, the Warden, DW or Issuing agent can deny the permit if the burning in a specific location will create an unusual hazard that will endanger life or property or both (Res 5601.08 (e))
  • What constitutes a structure regarding compliance with setback distances? For the purposes of Res. 5600 and the issuance of Fire Permits, the Division of Forests and Lands has used NFPA 1144 as a guide to define a structure. Structure: “A building usually enclosed by walls and a roof, constructed to provide support or shelter for an intended occupancy of people or animals, including any attached combustible piece of work artificially built up or composed of parts joined together in some definite manner”.
  • What is the definition of combustible? As defined by NFPA 1144, a combustible is any material that, in the form in which it is used and under the conditions anticipated, will ignite and burn or will add appreciable heat to an ambient fire.
  • What constitutes “Unfavorable Weather Conditions”? Unfavorable weather conditions can vary throughout the state on any given day. The Forest Protection Bureau puts out the daily predicted fire danger during the fire season which is based on past, current and predicted weather. The “fire danger” ratings represent near worst-case conditions measured at exposed locations at or near the peak of the normal burning period. Class 1 and 2 Fire Danger days are based on the prediction that unfavorable weather conditions are not likely to occur. Class 3 Fire Danger is when fires may become serious and their control difficult unless they are attacked successfully while small. Normally, the state does not restrict burning on Class 3 days, this is a decision made by the Forest Fire Warden who needs to consider local conditions along with size and location of fire, when issuing fire permits. Contributors to unfavorable weather conditions are high winds, low relative humidity and high temperature, periods with no precipitation.
  • Who has the authority to “Restrict” burning? Per Res 5601.09, only the Director of the Division of Forests & Lands can suspend burning on a statewide level. Without the Governor’s approval, this can only occur when the fire danger reaches a Class 4 or 5; it is rarely done and highly publicized when it occurs. Within a municipality, the Forest Fire Warden is the authorized agent with the ability to restrict burning on a day to day basis, based on the local conditions.
  • What constitutes an “Unusual Hazard”? An unusual hazard is a unique situation as it pertains to public safety and the protection of woodlands and property. Examples are smoke impacting visibility on a public road or a fire constructed under a utility line. Health complaints regarding smoke from a permitted fire, burning permissible material are not under the scope of the Division of Forests and Lands – they are referred to the local health officer (RSA 147:3).
  • For rental properties, can the landowner obtain a seasonal permit that will be valid for those individuals who will be renting the camp or home? No. Renters are required to obtain a permit for rental properties. They are required to have written permission of the landowner in order to obtain the permit.
  • Does the paper permit need to be posted at the burning site? The paper permit needs to be accessible by the permittee and presented upon request of the Director or the Director’s Agent.

  • Newbury Ordinances

    Newbury Fire Alarm Ordinance

    The Town of Newbury Alarm Ordinance requires all homeowners and businesses with fire and security alarms that are transmitted to an alarm company central station central station to obtain an alarm permit from the Town of Newbury. The ordinance also specifies that alarm companies that monitor these alarms be permitted by the town. The permit requires complete contact information including local contacts (key holders) for out of town owners, this information is available to dispatch and the fire department so quick access can be gained to the building by someone who has a key in the event of an alarm. The ordinance also specifies that any property that has more than three false alarms in a 12 month period be assessed a fine. The amount of the fine increases for additional alarms once the minimum has been met. Since the ordinance was implemented several years ago, the number of false alarms that Newbury Fire rescue has responded to has significantly been reduced. The permit application process is easy with an on-line application on this website by clicking “Alarm Application” in the green box this page. The Safety Ordinance page provides complete information on the Newbury Alarm Ordinance. You may also update contact information on the website form. There is no charge for the fire alarm permit.

    Alarm Companies Need Permit to Install and Monitor Fire and Security Alarms in Newbury

    Alarm companies that instll, service and monitor fire and security alarms at residences and businesses in the town of Newbury must have a permit from the Newbury Police and Fire Departments.There is no fee for the permit. The Newbury Alarm ordinance requires the permiting of security and fire alarms monitored by an alarm company central station. Under the ordinance, the company that installes, services or monitors an alarm must apply for an Alarm Company Permit.Under the ordinance, unpermitted alarm companies operating in Newbury are subject to a $100 fine.

    Alarm Companies installing alarm systems must inform their customers of the town requirement for an alarm permit and that they can apply on the Newbury Fire department website. The alarm company must also notify the Newbury Fire Department in writing of the owner's name and address of the new alarm installation. The notification can be by fax (603)763-5379, completing the on-line form, or by email

    The Application for a Newbury Alarm Permit is now on line

    There are now two ways to apply for a fire and security alarm permit in Newbury. The permit application can be completed online (click below in the Online Permit Application) and the application will be electronically submitted to the Town of Newbury. You will be contacted when the permit is issued. As in the past, you can still download and print the permit the application in a pdf file and fax to the Newbury Fire Department or drop off at the police department or town office during normal business hours. Please note that if you change alarm companies, a new alarm permit is required. Alarm permits can only be issued for alarm companies that are permitted by the Town of Newbury, applicants should verify that the alarm company has an Alarm Company Permit from the town.

    The on line form can also be used to update your contact information, such as cell and work phone numbers and the names of local contacts that have access to your home if you cannot be reached. If your alarm permit is over two years old, you may need to update your information so that we have the correct phone numbers in an emergency.

    The Town of Newbury Alarm Ordinance requires a permit for all business and residential central station fire and security alarms.

    The Town of Newbury will access fines for central station alarm systems that do not have the alarm permits and for alarm systems that transmit multiple false alarms. Please see a summary of the ordinance on the Ordinance Page

    Click here to fill out a Fire Alarm Permit online

    Click here to download and print the Fire Alarm Permit Application The completed permit applications can be faxed to the Newbury Fire Department at 763-5379

    New Fire Station History

    Links to Information on New Fire Rescue Station

  • Vidio Presentation from January 12, 2019 Public Information Session
  • Town of Newbury Webpage on New Fire Station
  • New Tenant Goucher Arcitects Video on Proposed Fire Station
  • Selectboard Presentation by Tennant Goucher Architects
  • February 5, 2018 Selectboard Presentation by Tennant Goucher Architects
  • Newbury Fire Station Project Background PowerPoint Presentation
  • Tenant Goucher Architects Station Design PowerPoint Presentation
  • Safety Services Building Project 2015-2016 Webpage

  • Newbury Fire Rescue Apparatus

    Newbury Car 1

    83 Car 1 is a 2018 Ford Explorer Interceptor SUV command car. The car is used by the fire chief to respond to fire, emergency medical, rescue and other emergency calls as well as inspections, training and safety details. The car carries communications equipment, a reference library and services as a command post during larger incidents. Also carried is emergency medical and hazardous materials metering equipment.

    Newbury Programs

    Knox Box

    Newbury Fire & Rescue Department Knox Box Program

    If you own a property in Newbury, are not always available to answer a call for a fire alarm at your property and do not have someone in the area that has a key to provide the Newbury Fire Department with access to your property. please consider installing a Knox Box.

    The Newbury Fire & Rescue Department is part of the “Knox Box” program for emergency building access. A Knox Box is a secure key box containing building keys affixed to the outside of a business or home. If a fire alarm is received or there is a report of other emergency when the building us unoccupied, the fire department utilizes special fire department key, that will open the Knox Box containing the building keys. This eliminates the need to break down doors or windows to enter the building or presume there is no fire when nothing is visible from the outside. The ability to thoroughly inspect a building will enable the responders to locate other problems such as electrical hazards, heating problems and gas and water leaks set off an alarm and could lead to costly other problems if not identified. The Knox Box system is only used to enter a building in the event of a fire department emergency response to an alarm activation or report of an emergency at the location.


    The fire department key is secured in special Knox Box on the truck that can only be opened by authorized personnel and all openings of the box are electronically recorded. Knox Boxes keyed to the Newbury system are purchased by the building owner from the Knox Box company and are installed in accordance with fire department specifications. Knox Boxes are generally installed at locations with Town of Newbury permitted central station fire alarm systems, where the Newbury Police and Fire Departments have emergency contact information. Building owners or their authorized emergency contacts are notified of every alarm notification and when the Knox Box is used to provide emergency personnel with access to the building. Emergency contact Information provided is kept confidential by the police and fire departments.

    New commercial, multi-family (4+), seasonal residences and gated properties are required to have a Knox Box as part of the building permit process.

    Information on the Knox Box system is available on the company’s website, For residential and small business use the Knox Residential 1658 Series surface mount box is used. Other models are available for larger businesses where multiple access keys may be needed, for new construction and other special requirements. Knox Boxes keted to the Newbury Fire Department system can be ordered on line from the Knox Box company or the new Knox HomeBox #1501 website for residential boxes and the Newbury Fire Department will be notified of your order and install the box when it is received. If you have questions, please contact the department at

    Get the NH Alerts App

    NH Alerts is a free service provided by the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Emergency and community messages are initiated by authorized public safety officials at the State level and severe weather warnings are initiated directly by the National Weather Service.

    The app delivers notifications to subscribers within a specific geographic area. If you are not receiving alerts through this application, you are not currently in an area identified with a potential public safety threat by the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

    NH Alerts is used by New Hampshire public safety officials to inform and protect State residents and visitors. The NH Alerts app is free and available at the App Store and Google Play. No registration is required. Users are encouraged to enable their GPS services so the app can deliver location-based multimedia alerts to subscribers within a specific geographic area. Users may visit the NH Alerts app settings to select the alerts they would like to receive.

    The app delivers notifications to subscribers within a specific geographic area. If you are not receiving alerts through this application, you are not currently in an area identified with a potential public safety threat by the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

    Click here to go to the Ready NH.Gov NH Alerts website and to download the app
    Code Red

    The Town of Newbury and five other towns in our area have contracted with the CodeRED reverse emergency notification system, which allows the town to call you in an emergency.

    If you received telephone calls or voicemail messages from Code Red in the past, you are registered in the Code Red system and no additional action is needed. You will automatically receive future Code red messages.

    The current CodeRED database comprises commercially-available phone numbers (such as those provided on credit applications) and numbers added directly by residents of the six communities. To ensure that your phone number (including cell phone) is in the database, go to your Town’s website or click here to access the CodeRED Emergency Notification Network update form

    Required information includes a street address (physical address, no P.O. boxes) for location purposes and at least a primary phone number. Additional phone numbers, email and text addresses may also be entered. Even if you have an unlisted phone number, you can safely register your phone number in the CodeRED database; the information will not be sold nor will it be used for any purpose other than emergency contact from the town.

    Monthly Features

    Fire Safety Information

    NFPA fire Extinguishers

    Make a Disaster Supplies Kit

    Make a family Emergency Plan

    Emergency Preparedness

    Community Information


Newbury Fire Department Resident Emergency Information Form In order to better serve the residents of Newbury in the event of a fire, medical or other emergency, the Newbury Fire Department is in process of updating the street listing information. Please complete the attached form for our emergency response database print and mail to the Newbury Fire Department PO Box 373, Newbury NH 03255. We plan to be able to submit the forms electronically in the near future.