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This application for a Fireworks Permit is being issued under authority of Chapter 40, Town of Newbury Ordinances. The Fireworks Permit, when issued is not an authorization to violate any State law or other chapter or provision of the Town of Newbury Ordinances. The authorizing official holds no liability in the issuance of this permit. It is the responsibility of the permittee to refer to all applicable State laws and Town of Newbury Town ordinances, and to operate within their provisions. Permit applicants and persons discharging fireworks must be at least 21 years of age. This application must be made to the Newbury Fire Department 48 hours in advance of the day and time of the display. Displays are prohibited after 10:00 PM. The launching area for the discharge or display of fireworks shall be a minimum of One Hundred (100) feet from the property line and any structures. The property must be in compliance with the Newbury Street Numbering Ordinance. Please include a diagram of the site indicating distances with application. An inspection of the display location may be required before the permit is issued. Permits for displays on any lake in Newbury will require application to the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of State Police, Marine Patrol for a “Water Event Permit” Applicant must be the property owner or have written permission form the property owner. Permits will not be issued in conditions of high fire danger. Permits may be cancelled by the fire chief or designee because of weather or other changes in conditions. The application must be approved and a permit issued by the Fire Chief or his designee before the display can be held.

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