Newbury Fire Department
Address Update Form

In order to better serve the residents of Newbury in the event of a fire, medical or other emergency, the Newbury Fire Department is in process of updating the street listing information .

When calling 911, please be sure to give the dispatcher as much information as possible about the emergency and follow their instructions. turn on outside light, day or night so the fire department may more quickly find the building.

Name Residence Business
Street Address City
Zip Code

Permanent Resident Seasonal/Part Time Resident Owner Renter

Nearest Cross Street
Paved Road Dirt Road

Is there a name and street number on mail box or sign
Note: Street numbers are required by Town Ordinance Building color

Approximate distance from road

Can it be seen from the roadY/N

Other buildings on property

Other phone
E-Mail Is there water access
Names of Adults Name & Ages of Children

Handicapped persons
Elderly/Special Needs
Owner Information

If property is a rental, please provide owner information

If Seasonal/Part Time residence, please provide perminent address and emergency contact information below:

Owner Phone

Owner Address City
Zip Code

Are there any hazards on the property that the fire department should be aware of:

Flammable fuel storage Hazardous materials (Specify)

Propane Tank Location


Comments, Additional Information:

If you are unable to send this via E-Mail, please print and mail it to:

Newbury Fire Department PO Box 373 Newbury, NH 03255

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