Newbury Fire Department Insurance Underwiting Information

The Newbury Fire Department frequently receives requests for information on the Town of Newbury and the Newbury Fire Department from insurance companies and insurance agents who provide property insurance for homes and businesses in Newbury. The following information is intended to answer underwriting questions raised on Insurance Services Office (ISO) and other rating forms. Additional information may be requested by e-mailing the Newbury Fire Department at:

Town of Newbury Assessor Information

Town of Newbury Assessor Information
Town of Newbury Assessor Database Town of Newbury Community Profile

ISO Public Protection Class

The Town of Newbury Insurance Service office (ISO) Public Protection Class is: 9/10

Fire Department Staffing

The Newbury Fire Department is a paid on-call fire department with 23 active members.

Response Times

The five year average Newbury Fire Department call response times is 6.8 minutes. This is for all types of calls and includes the times for fire boat response and out of town mutual aid response.

Distance to Fire Department

The location of the fire headquarters is 952 Route 103, Newbury NH 03255 at the intersection of Routes 103 and 103A. To determine the distance from the fire station to a property in Newbury,go to Use the address of Route 103 & Route 103A Newbury NH 03255 as the location.

Water Supply

The Town of Newbury does not have a public water supply and there are no fire hydrants in the town. Lake Sunapee, Lake Todd and a number of other water sources in the town provide an adequate water supply for firefighting. Newbury Fire Department apparatus is equipped to draft water from these water sources and the department tanker as well as mutual aid tankers provide adequate water for firefighting. The Newbury Fire Department fire boat equipped with a 550 gpm pump protects shorefront property (except during winter months when the lake is frozen) with an unlimited water source. The boat can pump directly to land based apparatus and is also used to refill tankers that are used for water shuttle to fire locations that are away from Lake Sunapee.

Apparatus Water Supply capacity: Tanker 1:2,000 gallons; Engine 2:1,000 gallons; Engine 3: 1,500 gallons; Engine 4: 300 Gallons (Compressed Air Foam) Mutual Aid Tankers: Sunapee Tanker 3,000 Gallons, New London Tanker 1,750 gallons.Bradford tanker 1.800 Gallons; Sutton Tanker 1,800 gallons

Fire & Emergency Dispatch

Fire alarms from alarm companies and phone calls to 911 are received by the State of New Hampshire 911 Center and tranferred to the New London Police Dispatch Center that activates the Newbury Fire Department by a pager system and Active911 Smart Phone Notification, which shows the call location in member's smart phones as wells as a monitor at the station. Radio communication is managed by New London Dispatch.

Building Regulation, Permitting and Inspection

The Town of Newbury has a Zoning Ordinance and Building Regulations (see Town of Newbury Ordinances on the Town website The Town follows the following construction codes: International Building Code (IBC) 2006, International Residential Code (IRC) 2006 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and National Electric Code (NEC).

Building permits are required for building construction any varience from the building or zoning ordinances must be approved by the Planning Board or Zoning Board.

The Town of Newbury has a part time Code Enforcement Officer (building inspector) and two part time fire inspectors. New construction and renovations must be inspected and approved by the building and fire inspectors. Permits are required from the fire department for the installation for oil, gas or wood heating units. The fire department also inspects and issues Assembly Permits for commercial buildings and places of assembly.Permits are required from the fire department for outside burning and fireworks. Central Station fire alarms and security alarms must have a permit from the Newbury Fire and Police Departments

Fire Department Capabilities

The Newbury Fire Department is a member of the Kearsage Mutual Aid Fire Distrct and receives automatic mutual aid for structure fires from the towns of New London, Sunapee, Bradford, and Sutton. Additional aid is provided, as needed from Newport, Wilmont, Springfield, Goshen, Henneker and other members of the Kearsage, Capital Area or Southwestern Mutual Aid Districts.

Newbury Fire apparatus pumping capacity is as follows:

  • Engine 2: 1,000 gpm pump, 1,000 gallon tank
  • Engine 3: 1,500 gpm pump, 1,500 gallon tank
  • Engine 4: 250 gpm compressed air foam system (CAFS) pump, 300 gallon tank
  • Tanker 1: 500 gallon pump, 2,000 gallon tank
  • Boat 1: 550 gallon pump

    Tanker capacity

  • Tanker 1 2,000 gallons
  • Engine 3 1,500 gallons (can be used as a tanker)

    (Tankers automatically respond on mutual aid to structure fires from New London, Bradford & Sunapee)

    First Alarm Fire response in Newbury

  • Engine 4, Rescue 1, Tanker 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Boat 1 (if along the lake)
  • Mutual Aid Ladder, 2 Mutual Aid Engines, 2 Mutual Aid Tankers, Mutual Aid Ambulance
  • Coverage at Newbury station: Mutual Aid Engine, Mutual Aid Tanker

    Second Alarm Response

  • Mutual Aid Ladder, 2 Mutual Aid Engines, 2 Mutual Aid Tankers

    Third Alarm Response

  • Mutual Aid Ladder, 2 Mutual Aid Engines, 2 Mutual Aid Tankers


    The Newbury Fire Department utilizes a Knox Box emergency entry system

    The Town of Newbury operates a Reverse 911 resident emergency telephone notification system