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This section contains reference and resource information for use by fire departments and firefighters. The information contained on these websites is that of the individual agency or organization and not the Newbury Fire Department.

2004 Emergency Response Guidebook

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

NFPA study finds a stunning increase in cigarette caused fires

Americans underestimate their risk of fire, Fire Prevention Week survey finds 3,925 died in fires in 2003 - many more than in all natural disasters combined

NFPA study shows a 15% increase in candle fires from 2000 to 2001, triple the number in 1990.

NFPA a Needs Assessment of the Fire Service - New Hampshire

NFPA, NPGA, and PERC announce availability of new Fire Safety Analysis Manual

NFPA 1600the ANSI-recommended standard on preparedness, disaster/emergency management, and business continuity programs.

Vehicle crashes cause more firefighter deaths than fires, NFPA study finds

NFPA study shows a 15% increase in candle fires from 2000 to 2001, triple the number in 1990.

NFPA 1600 - Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs 2004 Edition

Install smoke alarms correctly and test them regularly

Escape planning for older adults

Tips for people with disabilities

Smoke alarms - Make them work for your safety

NFPA urges replacing home smoke alarms after 10 years

Basic Fire Escape Planning

A guide for small businesses

DHS/US Fire Administration/FEMA

US Fire Administration Report says Children and older adults face a dramatically increased risk of dying in a home fire.

US Fire Administration Report - The Seasional Nature of Fires

US Fire Administration Training and Education Directory

US Fire Administration Report Fire in the United States 1992-2001

US Fire Administration offers National Incident Management System (NIMS) Course

FEMA Releases School Fires Report

US Fire Administration initiates an emergency vehicle safety partnership with the International Association if Fire Chiefs, International Association of Fire Fighters and National Volunteer Fire Council to reduce firefighter facilities.
US Fire Administration Emergency Vehicle Safety Section

Three Special Reports Look at 2000 Structure Fires in the U.S., Including Residential Fire Incidence

FEMA Joins National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Study of Ambulance and Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Homeland Security Assists Emergency Responders with Unveiling of New Internet Course on America's New National Incident Management System (6/29/04)

FEMA And The National Fire Protection Association Partner To Cut Death Rate From Rural Fires In The United States (6/22/04)

Special Report Uses National Fire Incident Reporting Data To Study Nightclub Fires In The U.S. (6/21/04)

New Homeland Security Web Page Delivers NIMS Guidance

Fire Safe Landscaping can save your home

Wildfire - Are You Prepared?

National Incident Management System

  • NIMS and the Incident Command System

  • National Mutual Aid and Resource Management Initiative

  • National Mutual Aid and Resource Management Initiative Glossary of Terms and Definitions

  • US Fire Administration offers National Incident Management System (NIMS) Course

  • DHS Launches Office of Interoperability and Compatibility.

    USFA NewsletterJune, July 2004

    Center for Disease Control CDC

    Responding to Incidents of National Consequence


    How Effective Are Flashing Emergency Lights Stopped On The Road Shoulder - The Case For Amber Emergency Warning Lights (Responder

    Vehicle Rescue Safety - Part I (Responder

    Vehicle Rescue Safety - Part II (Responder

    University of Extracation Safe Parking Personal Survival Skills

    How Safe Are YOU Working Roadway Incidents?


    Protecting Responders on the Highway

   Fall 2004 Newsletter

    Lifesaving Resources Inc.

    Ice Rescue The Preparation and Training of Public Safety and Rescue Personnel to Respond to Ice and Cold Water Emergencies

    Rescue from Submerged Vehicles

    Drowning and Aquatic Injury Facts

    Beware!! The Hazards of Ice

    Firefighter Survival in the Water

    International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)

    IAFC Crew Resource Management

    Fire Engineering

    Formalizing Regional Coordination

    Gov Star Information Portal for Government

    Gov Star Home Page

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