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PO Box 373

952 Route 103

Newbury, NH 03255

Emergency Dial 911

Business Message Phone (603) 763-4403

Fax (603) 763-5379

Office Hours Tuesdays 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

If you see something say something.
Report suspicious activity by calling 911

​​Newbury Fire Rescue Permit Information
Assembly Permits
Assembly permits are required from the fire department for tents and public gatherings of over 50 people. The NH Liquor Commission requires an Assembly Permit for any event where a liquor license is issued. Contact Newbury Fire at for Assembly Permit requirements   
Fireworks Permits Issued

There are no current fireworks permits

Expired Permits
September 23, 2016: 60 Red House Road

Permits are required for all Fireworks in Newbury

Fill out the request for your fireworks permit on line

Fireworks Permit Request Form
Please report unpermitted fireworks to Newbury Fire using this Reporting Form
Permits are required for outside burning

Click here for state regulations and how to obtain a burn permit.

 A Seasonal Fire Permit is required for outside fireplaces/fire pits
Fire Alarm Permit Application & Update
 Apply for a fire alarm permit or update your information on line. Complete the On line alarm application form.


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    Newbury Fire Department Information

    New Members Wanted

    The Newbury Fire Department is looking for firefighters and EMTs. If you are interested in becomming part of the Newbury Fire Department, please stop by at the fire station any Tuesday evening and fill out an Application or click here to download an application

    Year to date Newbury Fire Rescue Response Summary

    Newbury Fire Rescue Participates in 9/11 Anniversary Remembrance Ceremony

    Firefighters and EMTs from Newbury and surrounding fire departments as well as New London Ambulance attended a ceremony of remembrance for the 15th anniversary of The September 11, 2001 World Trade Center disaster. The event was held at the New London Fire Department on September 9. Representing Newbury Fire Rescue with 83 Engine 2 was Firefighter/EMT Jennifer Parkhurst-Smith, Firefighter/EMT Vicki Hayward and Firefighter Melynda Seaholm

    Mutual Aid Tanker Drill

    Newbury Fire Rescue along with tankers from Wilmot, New London, Warner and Sutton took part in a tanker mutual aid drill in Sutton on August 31st. During the drill, area towns utilized their tankers to transport water to the scene which was then pumped to irrigate Sutton's athletic field.

    In the event of a large building the surrounding fire mutual aid fire departments would send tankers to provide water for firefighting. This exercise gives the departments experience on working together for a tanker operation.

    Annual Auction a Big Success

    The members of Newbury Fire Rescue wish to thank all of those who donated goods and participated in the annual auction held on August 28.

    The amount of donated goods well exceeded the amount of merchandise donated to the auction in recent history and there was standing room only for the participants in the auction.

    In addition to the auction the 50/50 auction and income from the food and drinks made this auction a great success.Money raised at the auction is used to purchase equipment for the department, that would otherwise have to come out of the town budget.


    Tour Boat Evacuation

    Newbury Fire Rescue, Newbury Police, Sunapee Fire & Police, New London Fire and New Hampshire Marine Patrol conducted a safe evacuation of the passengers from the MV Mount Sunapee tour boat which ran aground off the Sunapee State Beach on August 25th.

    Newbury coordinated the transfer of the 40 tour boat passengers, some who were disabled, to the five rescue boats, which transported the passengers to the tour boat Kearsarge, which transported them back to Sunapee Harbor.

    A diver from the New London Fire Dive Team inspected the bottom of the boat and found no damage. Since there was no danger to the boat or the public, the owners of the Mount Sunapee, Marine Patrol and Newbury Fire determined that the boat could remain until a marine contractor was on scene with special equipment to refloat the boat.

    Newbury, Sunapee & New London emergency responders train with the owners of the tour boats every year to prepare for emergencies and evacuations. This evacuation which very ran smoothly with no injuries demonstrated that the training paid off.

    New Hampshire State Police-Marine Patrol is cautioning boaters of low water levels.

    Limited snowmelt in the spring combined with lack of rainfall this summer has resulted in lower than usual water levels in many of the state’s water bodies, though levels vary drastically by region.”

    The best advice is to be prepared before boating, particularly in times like these.

    Submerged hazards that are not typically of concern under normal water conditions should be taken into consideration when operating a vessel.

    The Marine Patrol urges boaters to use caution when navigating in unfamiliar areas and always have proper safety equipment on board, including navigational charts when available.

    In addition to the grounding of the MV Mount Sunapee in Newbury, discussed above, there was also a similar incident with the mail boat on Lake Winnipesaukee the next day.

    Newbury Boat 1 Leads the Antique Boat Parade

    83 Boat 1, with its deck gun shooting water 100 feet into the air lead the annual Lake Sunapee Antique Boat Parade from Sunapee to Newbury Harbor on Sunday, August 14. Hundreds of spectators along the shore watched 30 antique boats, some from the early 1900s travel between the two towns on the lake.

    This was a busy day for Newbury Fire Rescue as at the same time the parade was underway, crews were responding to an illegal outside fire at Lake Solitude on top of Mount Sunapee. Unattended and unpermitted campfires are particularly dangerous this year because of the severe drought conditions.

    Newbury Fireworks

    Newbury held its rain delayed fireworks spectacular on July, 30, with Newbury Fire's foreboat 83Boat1 putting on a display over the harbor with its deck gun prior to the show. The weather turned out to be perfect and the fireworks show was better than ever.

    Newbury Old Home Day a Success even with the rain

    The annual Town of Newbury Old Home Day was a success in spite of all day rain. The fireworks display had to be postponed because of the rain and will now be held on July 30. The Draw the Line band concert went on as scheduled.

    Hundreds of people braved the wet weather to attend the event. Smokey the Bear posed for photos with the children as he walked around the town office grounds. The bicycle performer moved his show into the fire station to keep the audience dry. The popular hot dogs and hamburgers at the fire station sold out in early afternoon.

    The kids loved climbing in the fire trucks and wearing the red plastic fire hats that were handed out. Over 40 people had their blood pressure checked by emergency medical services personnel. Attendees picked up health and fire prevention information, were able to apply for outside burning permits and ask Newbury Fire Rescue personnel questions on fire safety and emergency preparedness.

    Outside Fire Safety

    Permits are Required for Fireworks in Newbury

    The use of fireworks in the Town of Newbury is regulated by Town Ordinance. Fireworks permits are required and issued by the Newbury Fire Department under the conditions specified in the ordinance. The Newbury Fireworks Ordinance provides for fines of $250 per violation for anyone using fireworks in Newbury without a Fireworks Permit. There is no fee for a fireworks permit.

    Fireworks Permit Requirements

    The state law requires that only the property owners and individuals over 21 years of age with written permission of the property owner may display fireworks on a property. The New Hampshire Department of Safety requires a “Water Events Permit” for any fireworks displays that are displayed from a boat or raft over the water, and therefore a state permit is required for a Newbury Fireworks Permit to be issued for an over the water fireworks display. For a Fireworks permit to be issued the properly must be in compliance with the Newbury Street Numbering ordinance(see below).

    The ordinance specifies a safety zone of 100 feet between the fireworks display and any structure or property lot line. Because of this requirement, a fire department inspection of the site where the fireworks are going to be displayed as well as the verification of street address numbering may be required before a permit will be issued.

    Permits will not be issued in conditions of high fire danger when outside burn permits would not be issued or when the warden determines that conditions are not appropriate. Fireworks permits are issued for weekend and holiday evenings. Fireworks are not permitted in certain areas of Newbury and a permit cannot be issued for a location in one of these areas. Fireworks Permits will not be issued for fireworks displays after 10:00 PM, as the Newbury Public Conduct (Noise) Ordinance prohibits fireworks after that hour

    Permits will be issued 24-48 hours prior to the fireworks display. An inspection of the display location may be required. Please allow sufficient time prior to the event to apply for and receive the fireworks permit.

    Permits may be obtained at no charge from the Newbury Forest Fire Warden or Deputy Wardens.

  • Dave Smith, Forest Fire Warden 938-5925
  • Henry E. Thomas Jr., Fire Chief 344-9381 email:
  • Mike Croteau, Deputy Warden 763-2679
  • Wayne Whitford, Fire Prevention 748-1583 email:

    Applications for fireworks permits may completed on the Newbury Fire Department website using our online Fireworks Permit Application form (You will be contaced by phone to schedule a time for an inspection) Fireworks Permit Applications are also at the Newbury Police Department during business hours 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Monday through Friday. Applications take 24 hours to process.

    Permits are required for outside burning

    See Outside burning section on Ordinance Page for outside burning regulations and information on applying for a Outside Burning Permit

    Find out the Predicted Fire Danger for today from the NH Bureau of Forests and Lands

    Fire Danger Definitions:

  • 1 LOW: When the fire danger is "low" it means that fuels do not ignite easily from small embers, but a more intense heat source, such as lightning, may start fires in duff or dry rotten wood.
  • 2 MODERATE: When the fire danger is "moderate" it means that fires can start from most accidental causes, but the number of fire starts is usually pretty low.
  • 3 HIGH: When the fire danger is "high", fires can start easily from most causes and small fuels (such as grasses and needles) will ignite readily.
  • 4 VERY HIGH: When the fire danger is "very high", fires will start easily from most causes. The fires will spread rapidly and have a quick increase in intensity, right after ignition.
  • 5 EXTREME: When the fire danger is "extreme", fires of all types start quickly and burn intensely. All fires are potentially serious and can spread very quickly with intense burning.

    For information on the outside burning rules, Download the NH DES Guide to Open Burning or the NH Division of Forests and Lands Outside Burning Brochure

    Information on the permit requirements and the permits may be obtained at no charge from the Newbury Department or Newbury Forest Fire Warden or Deputy Wardens.

  • Henry Thomas Fire Chief, Newbury Fire Department 344-9381 e-mail:
  • Dave Smith, Forest Fire Warden 938-5925
  • Mike Croteau, Deputy Forest Fire Warden: 763-2679

  • Fire Alarm Ordinance

    Alarm Companies Need Permit to Install and Monitor Fire and Security Alarms in Newbury

    Alarm companies that instll, service and monitor fire and security alarms at residences and businesses in the town of Newbury must have a permit from the Newbury Police and Fire Departments.There is no fee for the permit. The Newbury Alarm ordinance requires the permiting of security and fire alarms monitored by an alarm company central station. Under the ordinance, the company that installes, services or monitors an alarm must apply for an Alarm Company Permit.Under the ordinance, unpermitted alarm companies operating in Newbury are subject to a $100 fine.

    Alarm Companies installing alarm systems must inform their customers of the town requirement for an alarm permit and that they can apply on the Newbury Fire department website. The alarm company must also notify the Newbury Fire Department in writing of the owner's name and address of the new alarm installation. The notification can be by fax (603)763-5379, completing the on-line form, or by email

    The Application for a Newbury Alarm Permit is now on line

    There are now two ways to apply for a fire and security alarm permit in Newbury. The permit application can be completed online (click below in the Online Permit Application) and the application will be electronically submitted to the Town of Newbury. You will be contacted when the permit is issued. As in the past, you can still download and print the permit the application in a pdf file and fax to the Newbury Fire Department or drop off at the police department or town office during normal business hours. Please note that if you change alarm companies, a new alarm permit is required. Alarm permits can only be issued for alarm companies that are permitted by the Town of Newbury, applicants should verify that the alarm company has an Alarm Company Permit from the town.

    The on line form can also be used to update your contact information, such as cell and work phone numbers and the names of local contacts that have access to your home if you cannot be reached. If your alarm permit is over two years old, you may need to update your information so that we have the correct phone numbers in an emergency.

    The Town of Newbury Alarm Ordinance requires a permit for all business and residential central station fire and security alarms.

    The Town of Newbury will access fines for central station alarm systems that do not have the alarm permits and for alarm systems that transmit multiple false alarms. Please see a summary of the ordinance on the Ordinance Page

    Click here to fill out a Fire Alarm Permit online

    Click here to download and print the Fire Alarm Permit Application The completed permit applications can be faxed to the Newbury Fire Department at 763-5379

    Fire Prevention and Safety Information

    Heating Equipment Fire Safety and Permit Requirements

    With the cooler weather approaching, many people are thinking about upgrading their heating system or installing a wood or pellet stove. Some residents may not be aware that a permit and fire department inspection is required for all gas and oil furnace and wood burning stoves, even if the installation is not being done as part of a new construction or renovation project. Please contact the fire department for a permit application and to schedule an inspection when you are planning the installation of heating equipment.

    Click here to download an Application for Permit to install & Operate Oil Burning Equipment

    Click here to download an Application for Permit to Install and Operate Gas/Wood Burning Equipment

    Contact Fire Chief Henry E. Thomas, Jr. for information and to schedule an inspection

    Fire safety tips from the NFPA

    Wood & Pellet Stove Safety

  • Have a QUALIFIED professional install stoves, chimney connectors, and chimneys.
  • Stoves should have the LABEL of an independent testing laboratory.
  • In wood stoves, burn only DRY, seasoned wood. In pellet stoves, burn only dry, seasoned wood pellets. KKK Have your chimney and stove INSPECTED and cleaned by a certified chimney sweep every fall just before heating season.
  • CLEAN the inside of your stove periodically using a wire brush. KKK Allow ashes to COOL before disposing of them. Place ashes in a covered metal container. Keep the container at least 10 feet away from the home and other buildings.
  • Keep a CLOSE EYE on children whenever a wood or pellet stove is being used. Remind them to stay at least 3 feet away from the stove.
  • Stoves need SPACE. Keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet away from the stove.
  • INSTALL and maintain carbon monoxide alarms (CO) outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home. For the best protection, interconnect the CO alarms.When one sounds,they all sound

    Newbury Fire Deparatment Apparatus

    83 Engine 4

    83-Engine 4, is a 2010 Valley Ford F550 4 Wheel Drive crew cab truck

    The pump is a 250 gallons per minute Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) pump. The triuck has a 300 gallon water tank and 10 gallon foam tank. Hose carried: 100 ft 1” booster reel, 300 ft 1 ¾ “ hose 600 ft 3 hose, 300 ft 4” hose 3 suction hose. The truck also carries: Holmatro rescue tools and rescue equipment, 4 Scott Air Packs and spare bottles, a 24 ft and 14 ft ladders, Medical equipment Portable fire extinguishers, and Assorted tools and equipment

    Newbury Programs

    Newbury Street Numbering Ordinance

    Please keep in mind that the Town of Newbury Street Numbering Ordinance requires that every home and business in Newbury has a street address posted that is visible from the road. The reason for the ordinance was to assure that emergency responders would be able to locate a property in the event of a medical emergency, fire, or other emergency. This is a good time to take a look at your property from the road to confirm that the number can be seen. If you have difficulty, chances are that emergency responders will not see the address number and be delayed. “Help us to find you so we can help you in an emergency”

    Knox Box

    Newbury Fire & Rescue Department Knox Box Program

    If you own a property in Newbury, are not always available to answer a call for a fire alarm at your property and do not have someone in the area that has a key to provide the Newbury Fire Department with access to your property. please consider installing a Knox Box.

    The Newbury Fire & Rescue Department is part of the “Knox Box” program for emergency building access. A Knox Box is a secure key box containing building keys affixed to the outside of a business or home. If a fire alarm is received or there is a report of other emergency when the building us unoccupied, the fire department utilizes special fire department key, that will open the Knox Box containing the building keys. This eliminates the need to break down doors or windows to enter the building or presume there is no fire when nothing is visible from the outside. The ability to thoroughly inspect a building will enable the responders to locate other problems such as electrical hazards, heating problems and gas and water leaks set off an alarm and could lead to costly other problems if not identified. The Knox Box system is only used to enter a building in the event of a fire department emergency response to an alarm activation or report of an emergency at the location.

    The fire department key is secured in special Knox Box on the truck that can only be opened by authorized personnel and all openings of the box are electronically recorded. Knox Boxes keyed to the Newbury system are purchased by the building owner from the Knox Box company and are installed in accordance with fire department specifications. Knox Boxes are generally installed at locations with Town of Newbury permitted central station fire alarm systems, where the Newbury Police and Fire Departments have emergency contact information. Building owners or their authorized emergency contacts are notified of every alarm notification and when the Knox Box is used to provide emergency personnel with access to the building. Emergency contact Information provided is kept confidential by the police and fire departments.

    New commercial, multi-family (4+), seasonal residences and gated properties are required to have a Knox Box as part of the building permit process.

    Information on the Knox Box system is available on the company’s website, For residential and small business use the Knox Residential 1650 Series surface mount box is used. Other models are available for larger businesses where multiple access keys may be needed, for new construction and other special requirements. Knox Boxes keted to the Newbury Fire Department system can be ordered on line from the Knox Box company and the Newbury Fire Department will be notified of your order and install the box when it is received. If you have questions, please contact the department at

    Get the NH Alerts App

    NH Alerts is a free service provided by the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Emergency and community messages are initiated by authorized public safety officials at the State level and severe weather warnings are initiated directly by the National Weather Service.

    The app delivers notifications to subscribers within a specific geographic area. If you are not receiving alerts through this application, you are not currently in an area identified with a potential public safety threat by the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

    NH Alerts is used by New Hampshire public safety officials to inform and protect State residents and visitors. The NH Alerts app is free and available at the App Store and Google Play. No registration is required. Users are encouraged to enable their GPS services so the app can deliver location-based multimedia alerts to subscribers within a specific geographic area. Users may visit the NH Alerts app settings to select the alerts they would like to receive.

    The app delivers notifications to subscribers within a specific geographic area. If you are not receiving alerts through this application, you are not currently in an area identified with a potential public safety threat by the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

    Click here to go to the Ready NH.Gov NH Alerts website and to download the app

    Weather Emergency Contact List

    The Newbury Fire Department maintains a list of town residents who may live alone, do not have transportation, be elderly or disabled that the department will check on in the event of severe weather such as a blizzard, Ice storm or long duration power failure or other emergency impacting the Town of Newbury. The department is currently updating the list and adding new people who wish to be contacted.

    Following a major storm, a telephone call is made to check on the well being of people on the list. If the person can't be reached by phone, a fire department member will go to the home to check on the person.

    If you, a family member or neighbor would like contacted in a weather emergency by the Newbury Fire Department, please send an email with the person's name, address and phone number to, Please indicate "Weather Emergency Contact List" in the subject of the email. This contact information remains confidential and is not shared with any other organization. Please email the Newbury Fire Department if you have questions.

    Code Red

    The Town of Newbury and five other towns in our area have contracted with the CodeRED reverse emergency notification system, which allows the town to call you in an emergency.

    If you received telephone calls or voicemail messages from Code Red in the past, you are registered in the Code Red system and no additional action is needed. You will automatically receive future Code red messages.

    The current CodeRED database comprises commercially-available phone numbers (such as those provided on credit applications) and numbers added directly by residents of the six communities. To ensure that your phone number (including cell phone) is in the database, go to your Town’s website or click here to access the CodeRED Emergency Notification Network update form

    Required information includes a street address (physical address, no P.O. boxes) for location purposes and at least a primary phone number. Additional phone numbers, email and text addresses may also be entered. Even if you have an unlisted phone number, you can safely register your phone number in the CodeRED database; the information will not be sold nor will it be used for any purpose other than emergency contact from the town.

    If you do not have internet access, please call Patricia McDonald at the Town Office (763-4940 x201) and she will enter the information for you.

    Monthly Features

    Fire Safety Information

    NFPA Vehicle fire safety

    NFPA Propane fire safety

    NFPA fire Extinguishers

    NFPA Hoarding and fire safety

    Rural fire safety

    Older adults

    Make a Disaster Supplies Kit

    Make a family Emergency Plan

    Emergency Preparedness

    Upcoming Events

    The C-5 business meeting is the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30PM in the New London New London Fire department training Room.

    Community Information


Newbury Fire Department Resident Emergency Information Form In order to better serve the residents of Newbury in the event of a fire, medical or other emergency, the Newbury Fire Department is in process of updating the street listing information. Please complete the attached form for our emergency response database print and mail to the Newbury Fire Department PO Box 373, Newbury NH 03255. We plan to be able to submit the forms electronically in the near future.